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Online document paraphrasing

In today's world, unique content is becoming a valuable and rare resource. People don't like to read the same thing over and over again. Most search engines can detect and significantly lower the ranking of plagiarism, resulting in lower positions in search results. However, creating professional content takes a lot of time and effort, which will certainly cost you pace and a competitive advantage in addition to direct costs. That is where automatic content rewriting tools comes to the rescue. A powerful neural network reads and understands the text and then paraphrases it with different wording, producing a plagiarism-free result without losing the original message.

GroupDocs Rewriter is an easy-to-use and versatile online service for rephrasing the content of Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, PDF, and plain text documents with full preservation of their meaning. Its advanced AI algorithms can paraphrase and rephrase individual sentences, paragraphs and entire articles, creating unique content in seconds. The API not only rewrites content, but also converts documents to different formats to enhance editing options and offer the familiar experience to different audiences.

This free online application powered by GroupDocs Rewriter API can automatically paraphrase Arabic, English, Russian, and Ukrainian documents with the quality of a professional copyrighter in all popular formats. The result can be converted into multiple formats, shared via email or URL and saved to your device. The application can also rephrase files hosted on websites without downloading them to your computer. The app works on any device, including smartphones.

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How to rewrite a document

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Provide a file

Upload a document or simply enter the file’s web address.

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Specify the language

Select the language in which the document is written.

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Start rewriting

Click Rewrite button. You can optionally specify the output format which may differ from the original document.

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Get result

Wait for the processing to complete. Download the rewritten document, share it via email and URL, view and fix the resulting content.


Are there any limitations?

Can I rewrite scanned PDF?

Can I convert the document into any format?

Do you preserve macros in rewritten documents?

Can I rewrite multilanguage documents?

How can I rewrite the file with unsupported format?

What are the system requirements?

Can I use the app from mobile devices?

I store documents on a website. Do I need to download them?

Is this app free?

You would like

More than rewording

More than rewording

The application tries to understand the meaning of the entire text, rather than just replacing individual words with synonyms.

Rewrite documents from the Internet

Rewrite documents from the Internet

There is no need to download documents to your local device for processing. Just paste the web address of the file and get the result.

Document conversion

Document conversion

The application not only paraphrases documents, but can also convert the result into a lot of formats. No additional apps are needed. You can even edit the resulting document before saving or sharing it.

Zero system load

Zero system load

The processing is carried out by high-performance cloud servers. You can use the application on any system – from entry-level netbooks to smartphones.

No cost

No cost

The application can rewrite any number of documents for free, for as long as you need.

Top content quality

Top content quality

Many years of experience in machine leaning technologies has led to the creation of state-of-the-art algorithms with superior speed and accuracy. GroupDocs products are used by most Fortune 500 companies across 114 countries.

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