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Online text translation

Real-time machine translation is a must-have for the global world. It simplifies sales and marketing, increases customer satisfaction in professional services and support, drives seamless communication between employees in international companies, and connects friends and colleagues all around the globe. Powerful machine learning algorithms and sophisticated neural networks provide a quality close to that of a professional human translator, but much easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

GroupDocs Translation is a fast, efficient and high-quality machine translation API. Running on a high-performance cloud server hosted by GroupDocs, it can translate texts, all popular document formats, and even software resources across 104 language pairs. The API not only translates text, but also accurately preserves its structure and formatting, including markdown syntax, metadata, structure, and styles.

This free online app powered by GroupDocs Translation API can translate texts of up to 10,000 characters into 46 European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages. It also preserves Markdown formatting, if present. The app works on any device, including smartphones.

How to translate a text

How to translate a text

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Provide a text

Type in or paste the text into the source field.

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Specify the language pair

Select the text language and set the target language. The app can automatically detect the source language.

Step 3 icon

Start translation

Click Translate button and wait until the translation is displayed.

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Get result

Copy the translated text and paste it back to your email, document or messenger.


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46 languages and 104 language pairs.

46 languages and 104 language pairs.

Translate your texts between 46 European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages in any direction.

Translate large texts

Translate large texts

You can translate texts up to 10,000 characters in one request. It's about 4-5 full pages.

Language auto-detection

Language auto-detection

The application can automatically detect the source language, so you don't have to guess about texts in languages you do not know.

Markdown support

Markdown support

The app can detect and preserve markdown syntax inside the text, so you can paste the translation directly into your Git repository.

Zero system load

Zero system load

The translation is carried out by high-performance cloud servers. You can use the application on any system – from entry-level netbooks to smartphones.

Top translation quality

Top translation quality

Many years of experience in machine leaning technologies has led to the creation of state-of-the-art translation algorithms with superior speed and accuracy. GroupDocs products are used by most Fortune 500 companies across 114 countries.

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