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Online text classification

Text classification is very useful tool to manage, filter or analyze texts in many fields of science, business and even in real life by assigning one or more categories to texts, according to their content (science, healthcare, economics, hobbies, etc.), their origin (as text could be an extract from advertisements, articles, letters, etc.) or their sentiment. This work could be done manually by people, but today Machine Learning algorithms can do the same work quicker, less expensive and even with better quality.

GroupDocs Classification is a fast and easy-to-use API for categorization. As well as most popular document formats it supports also work with plain text, which is very convenient when you’re working with scrapping data from web pages or use texts stored in database. It could be used either as on premise product, or as Cloud solution and in this case all calculations are run on high-performance servers hosted by GroupDocs. Our API supports three different taxonomies for classification allowing to adopt product to your needs.

This free online web application powered by GroupDocs Classification API can classify texts using three different taxonomies. Also it allows to get a detailed report in CSV format. It works on any device, including smartphones and tablettes.

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How to classify a text

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Provide a text

Type In or paste a text in a source field.

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Specify taxonomy

Select how would you like to classify your text.

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Start classification

Click Classify button.

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Get result

Wait for the classification to complete. You’ll receive the category of your text with its probability and a link to CSV file with full report.


What is IAB-2 taxonomy?

What Is document taxonomy?

What is sentiment taxonomy?

Does the application support text formatting?

What languages are supported?

What are the system requirements?

Can I use the app from mobile devices?

Is this app free?

You would like

3 different taxonomies

3 different taxonomies

Classify your documents using IAB-2, Document or Sentiment taxonomy.

Zero system load

Zero system load

The translation is carried out by high-performance cloud servers. You can use the application on any system – from entry-level netbooks to smartphones.

Multilingual sentiment analysis

Multilingual sentiment analysis

Determine emotional tone for English, German, Spanish and Chinese texts.

No cost

No cost

The application can process any number of documents for free, for as long as you need.

Top classification quality

Top classification quality

Many years of experience in machine leaning technologies has led to the creation of state-of-the-art algorithms with superior speed and accuracy. GroupDocs products are used by most Fortune 500 companies across 114 countries.

Detailed results

Detailed results

You could also get a CSV report with best classes and their probabilities.

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