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View PPTX online

Open and view PPTX files online with free PPTX viewer.

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About Viewer app

Microsoft PowerPoint is a widely used software to create presentations containing text, images, animations, and videos. A good presentation is a critical element of any communication effort. When rendering a presentation, it is necessary to correctly display all its elements, both textual and all others.

GroupDocs.Viewer is a fast and efficient API for rendering files of over 170 different types. Powered by a high-performance cloud-based GroupDocs server, it displays files the PPTX in the browser. GroupDocs.Viewer technologies make it possible to achieve an ideal and identical display of a document on any platform.

This free online application based on the GroupDocs.Viewer API displays the PPTX files on your device. Even if your file is encrypted, you can enter a password and view the file. We value your privacy, so the file and the password you specified are visible to you only. You can print the file you are viewing directly from your browser. You can also download the PDF file to share with someone or view later. The application works on any device, including smartphones.

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Viewer app features

How to view PPTX files online?

Step 1
Click inside the file drop area to upload a PPTX file or drag & drop a PPTX file.
Step 2
Scroll down or use the menu to navigate between pages.
Step 3
Print or download the source file in PDF format.


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APIs available

Want your apps to render over 170 popular file formats? The GroupDocs.Viewer APIs are available for .NET, Java, and many other platforms and languages.

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